#1 - Abby black and white Dalmatian on red background. #2 Athena Wistful black eyed Lhasa Asa on red abstract ground #3 Bailey Red background, Wheaton Terrier w/ black ears & red tongue, no eyes showing #4 "Blowing in the win" Old English Sheepdog in non-representational colors of purple,blue and white with fur flying #5 "Blue Dog" Bull Mastiff painted Blue on whimsical multicolored textured background #6 "Charlie" English Bulldog drawn in pastels on an abstract acrylic painted canvas background #7 "Daisy" Golden Retriever with gorgeous blue eyes drawn in pastels on acrylic painted canvas #8 "Fifi" Whimsical french poodle in multi-colored pastels drawn on acrylic painted canvas #9 "Ginger" melancholy older cocker spaniel on green acrylic background #10 "In the distance" English Spring spaniel looking off into the distance, drawn in pastels on acrylic painted background. #11 "lick" thickly textured acrylic painting of an old english sheepdog with big red tongue. Head only. #12 "I'm listening" beautiful ethereal drawing of a short-haired german pointer listening for his owner's call. Pastels on acrylic painted canvas.