#13 "little Red" Impressionistic painting of an old English sheepdog on red and multi color abstract background. #14 "Memory" Pastel and Acrylic muted painting of an old english sheepdog #15 "Odalisque" Impressionistic treatment of an Old English sheepdog lying down. #16 "pick Me" - heavily textured acrylic on canvas painting of a sheepdog hoping to be scooped up by a loving family #17 "Racer" very representational black and white sheepdog on yellow background, depicted in motion as he does agility trials. #18 "Roxie" lovable multicolored impressionistic style acrylic painting of a mixed breed shaggy dog #19 "Rags" highly textured abstract acrylic painting of an old english sheepdog with red tongue #20 "Tigger" neutral color pastel on yellow acrylic background of a pit bull mix with a regal stance #21 "Dakota" Sad faced, much loved, yellow Lab. Pastel drawing on Acrylic background #22 "Badger" Sumi -e style depiction of a huge, all black ,Newfoundland puppy on blue gray background. #23 "Chester" English Springer Spaniel, drawn in pastels with wild pink tongue. A lively character on green acrylic painted background #24 "Dewey" beautifully painted black & white english pointer on pink/purple background. Soul full eyes.