・・・About The Artist・・・

Artist Statement

Having graduated from college with a degree in Art, I found employment in the related field of interior design, both commercial and residential. After my last child went off to college, I had the opportunity to return to fine arts and see if I still “had what it took,” to be an artist. My area of concentration in school had been ceramics, but at this point in my life, I chose to pursue painting.

Ah, but what to paint?  Over time, the adage of “do (paint) what you love” became the inspiration for my new form of artistic expression, for what I love is: DOGS.   In particular, my Old English Sheepdogs, who are mops of flying fur with endless expression and personality.  And, so it began….

The intent of my work is to create an expressive “snap shot” of the personality and look of the breed that goes beyond the bounds of a formal pet portrait.  My paintings express a fascination with their facial expressions, as we interpret them, and the emotional connection we have with our pets that brings pure joy into our lives.  Most often, their eyes tell the whole story.

Each breed of dog has it’s own set of challenges and I use a myriad of different techniques to bring Fido’s “certain something” to life.  Paints, pencils, pastels, ink, acrylic gels, sand, and block printing overlays have all found their way onto the canvas or paper at one time or another.  Working in colors both natural and inventive, allows me to interpret my subject as I see them. The result is a style I think of as abstract realism.

My commission work takes on a more collaborative nature, as I seek to combine the owner’s view of their pet with my sense of artistic expression. My subjects do extend beyond canines to felines, aviary, flora and fauna. Perhaps I will next set my site on “the exotics,” where nature’s markings and colors are most remarkable.